julia van vuuren

surrounded by colour

An exploration of colour as an archive, by Julia van Vuuren.


Surrounded by colour | Photography | 2016

We surround ourselves by objects, people, places. We collect materials, data, memories, which we tend to archive based on the subject matter. Not often do we actively look at the colours we surround ourselves with, even though a world without colour would be a very different place. Surrounded by Colour aims to explore the colours we collect around us. The images displayed are not immediately recognisable, which draws the attention to the colours rather than the objects. The colour coding emphasises the most important colours in the photograph and allows us to archive the image on coloursSurrounded by Colour invites you to take a moment to focus on the colours we surround ourselves with and collect memories through colours. 

The project was credited with a High Distinction by UNSW Art & Design.