julia van vuuren

strange fruit

A photographic series exploring the sublime and uncanny of food, by Julia van Vuuren.


Strange Fruit | Photograph | 2016

Food is something we cannot live without. Food is something we crave. Food can be sublime. Food can be uncanny.

Strange Fruit explores the notion of the sublime and uncanny of food in our current society. It is inspired by the abilities we have to alter food into something that is greater than the original object, both genetically to create a new kind of food, as well as digitally to create advertisements of the perfect food. We aim to create food that is sublime, that is perfect in visual and nutritional values. Yet food is becoming unrecognizable and unnatural due to all the changes. Is it becoming more appealing due to its novelty, or is it become more aversive by steering away from pure and natural food?

Strange Fruit explore the idea of visually appealing, but unnatural nature of altered food. It utilises strong colours contrast, strong details, and soft shadows to create an photograph that attracts the viewer’s attention. It combines unnatural textures with natural objects to create a visual appearance that is attractive, but at the same time not quite right. From a far, the photographs will capture the viewer’s attention as something perhaps sublime, but upon closer inspection the images depict a scene that is of the uncanny.

This project received a High Distinction from UNSW Art & Design.