hi! - Health Information for You

Low health literacy is an important barrier to improving the health of many Australians. The current presentation of medication information is poor and combined with low health literacy, it is a 'prescription' for disaster. 

'hi! - Health Information for you' aims to close the gap between the skills of patients and the skills needed to access and use medication information. The project proposes a new visual language for medication information to enable patients with low health literacy to understand, engage with, and act upon the information provided.

'hi!' intends to open up the conversation between doctors and patients about medication. Everyone should be able to use medication safely and correctly to maintain or improve their health. ‘hi!’ provides a better way to access, understand, and use medication. It is not just health information, it is ‘hi! – Health Information for you!’. 

The project incorporates graphic and information design principles, and is based on a critical analysis of design theory and methodology. In addition, literature on ways to improve the accessibility of dense information was studied and applied throughout the project. 

‘hi! – Health Information for You’ was conducted as Honours Project at the UNSW Art & Design. More information can be found here: part one & part two.

The project was accredited with a High Distinction Average by UNSW Art & Design.


To improve the reading and recall rates, a set of icons was developed covering the most important medication instructions. The icons were categorised in three categories and colour coded to increase recognition.

The medication label improves the legibility of the information through strong typographic hierarchy, grid structure, colours and icons. The label is in accordance with the current Australian legislation on medication information.


The new leaflet provides an easier overview of the important information. It incorporates the ‘hi!’ style guidelines and icons to ensure continuity.. The language has been slightly changed to be more direct and to use plain English.


The ‘hi!’ app will ensure that patients can access their medication information anywhere at anytime. The app features function such as medication reminders, saved medication, explanation of all the icons and some personal details. A prototype of the app can be found here.

The flyer advertises the redesign, all the icons and the app, and can be given to the patient with the medication.

The icons will be found at the pharmacy, to increase familiarity through repeated exposure. This gives the pharmacist a chance to point out specific icons relevant to the patient.

Posters will be found in doctors' offices and waiting rooms. This allows for health care professionals to draw the patients attention to relevant icons.

Promotional posters will feature throughout Australia near major hospitals. It will promote the new visual language as well as the app.