Article - Social Media

During my time at Article, I did both social media content planning and creation. The content included stop motions, videos, graphic promotions for special events, giveaways, and more. At Article, we used Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as our main channels. We had 4 campaigns per year into which most of the content fell. The designs had to be in line with the brand guidelines, yet be creative, inspiring, and current.

Event promotion

Besides the every day posts, I designed the social media promotion for special events such as giveaways and IG Live events.


Stop motions

Stop motions were a big part of Article’s instagram content. Some of the stop motions I designed were selected to promote Article as one of 10 brands who ‘are killing stop motions on instagram’ in this Life Lapse article. The content of the stop motions was campaign specific and the concept was to create something new and fun. More stop motions can be found on Article’s instagram.


Instagram Stories

During my time at Article, we started using Instagram Stories. Towards the end, I designed about 3 instagram stories per week. The stories were inline with the brand and had to have a strong start, middle and end. Click through the designs below.


For Pinterest, I designed pins that matched the current campaign and product selection.


Blog promotion

Templates designed to promote new blog posts on Article’s blog Articulate.